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With Scandinavian touches: Santi's room

With Scandinavian touches: Santi's room

Hello! I'm Loli and before showing you Pepito's room (aka Santi) I want to tell you that while I was writing this post, I posted it unintentionally, instead of saving it :( So surely those who are subscribed, have received an email with this post when not I was ready! A thousand apologies and now if we go to the full post !!

When we started to build, Santi's room was not in the plans. When the work was already well advanced, it occurred to us to run a little wall, build another one, add a door and that's it! Pepito already had his own room!

For a two-story house, you could say it's a small room, but it's the same as the one Juan had when we lived in an apartment, and it seemed like a good idea to share it since many times they ask us for ideas for small spaces and this is a perfect example of that!

The Changer I bought it in Ikea and I put a mattress of foam to which I made a cover that I take every time I need to wash it. I made the little cloth baskets and they are super useful for diapers, oil, etc.

I liked the idea of ​​using the color black and to remove "seriousness" I added touches of yellow and blue. The lamp, for example, was white and I painted it with spray. The origami mobile also did I.

The animal flags made by Gaby from Corazón por Sur and the Marine frames, from Sólo para mí. Some boxes I bought and others are things that I printed on the internet with frames I had. They do not know how many illustrations there are on the internet to print (some free and some not).

The only place to save is this paradise dresser. But since Santi's clothes are mini for now it's enough. Maybe later you have to change it to a higher one.

The paper mache bear and the paper garland were also made by me.A small room full of "handmade" details that we hope can be an inspiration! And as Santi is about to meet years, with Cari we are preparing a "modboard" or collage of inspiration to renew it a little that we will surely share with you when it is ready!
Until next Monday!