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A Tutorial for Easter

A Tutorial for Easter

Hello !! Today we have a special guest and a very divine tutorial! Vicky from BLOCA copied herself when we asked her to paint some eggs to decorate the Easter Sunday table. Lucky! because the painting is not our thing haha ​​

Are we going to the tutorial?

We need:
Indelible markers and for ceramics

Vicky told us the following:

1- Fundamental to clean the eggs with water, detergent and sponge. Not only to be perfect when painting and putting on the table, but also for a matter of hygiene and health.

2- Dry them well.

3- I boiled half the eggs until they were hard. The other half I left it like that. The idea was to prove how they behaved in the process and several days later. there were no big differences, only the hard ones, it has greater stability and therefore it is sometimes easier to paint them.

4- I used acrylics of the same brand, color and style ... but when placing the first layer of paint on the egg, I noticed that they behaved differently (?) I keep looking for the reasons !! Some were very opaque, like chalkboard paint and other bright ones. Personally I like more bright, so the colors that were opaque, I was mixing them in a dish with others that were bright and so I improved a bit the opacity.

5- It is better to use the pure paint, without mixing with water, at most the brush a little wet. As the egg is circular (or rather oval), paint runs everywhere and we lose control. That's why it's better than this thick.

6- For me the best technique was to take the egg, paint the bottom as far as my fingers give it and then let it dry resting on one side in its original container (eye! on side, between hole and hollow).

7- Once dry, I took it again with my hands, painted what was missing and let it dry in the same way but on the other side.

8- In most cases I painted with 2 acrylic hands to make it more neat.

9- For eggs that have more than one color as a strip, I tried to use painter's tape to separate, but it did not work. I did not stay at all even. Some paint raised and despite being super well stuck, I think that by the oval shape of the egg, some air holes were left and the new paint escaped. For this reason, the stripes were made by hand. In these cases, it was very useful to use soda lids to dry the egg on the side that was already dry.

10- For perfect circles, I preferred to use swabs. They can also be made with the rubber band from the back but I did not have it.

11- I finally found glitter at home and "I enlightened". I painted a couple of eggs with plastic or in some I made little dots and threw glitter on top.

12- I forgot! Permanent markers work perfectly well and are easier to use than brushes, if we want to make small drawings or write words.

13- Bad experience with varnish !! Despite having waited days before placing it, both the liquid and the one that comes in spray, mixed the colors: (

14- Another comment!Each one is a work of art and they were great as a centerpiece.

We use white tablecloths and napkins and the same set of dishes. As napkin holders we use olive branches and we put a divine flower arrangement in pink tones that the Flor Market girls made for this table especially.

The macramé table runner did Loli, it deserves a post alone of how beautiful it is, do not you think?

We hope you liked them and have inspired them to prepare a different table for these Easter.
See you next Monday!