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Tips for perfect shelves

Tips for perfect shelves

Hello! Today's theme seems easy, but it is not. If they have a cabinet with shelves in sight or a library where they like to highlight their most precious objects, they should certainly read today's post!
We consulted decorating twoxpertas: Ana Herrero and Dulce Cattaneo, both are interior designers, have their own style and personality! We love your work and urgently needed your help in this topic!

Ana Herrero's tips

To achieve visual balance and harmony, when placing objects, both in a library and on a shelf, consider the following tips:

  • If it's a large library with Many of the people and/or divisions begin by placing the objects that go on the central shelves, and from that point on, they continue with those around them until they complete the library. Maybe once you are armed you need to change some object but it will be more practical to follow a criterion.
  • If you like to have family photos, try them in frames of the same color and style. If you put them on a shelf, you can put them on the wall, even one superimposed on the other. It is a modern way of presenting photos.

  • When you design a space, consider "the power of repetition." The same can be by color, material, etc. It helps to sectorize and proposes personality to the setting.
  • The old objects or collections in a piece of furniture with modern lines generate more impact by contract and it is super!
  • If you have many books alternate supporting them with some object above instead of stopping them.
  • If it is a library with some divisions you can alternate both modes.
  • Avoid separating objects too much, except that you need them for some design that asks you in particular.

Dulce Cattaneo's tips

  • Find a criteria for color and materials in the objects that we are going to put on the shelves.
I do not care so much whether they are of the same type as for example dishes or that they are exactly the same tone, but that share the same language For example a wooden bowl - or a piece of wood recycled or found on the beach, a book with a lid in light tones or with a figurative image of nature, and at the opposite end a woven basket .. That type of combination does not it fails and they are things to which one has access and they are not very onerous.So many times the starting point can be an object that my clients cherish (a sepia photo, an inherited cup, a glass cooler, some personal collection) and depending on that complete with complements that coexist.

  • Another tip is to vary the height of objects on the same shelf by placing wooden bases, marble pieces underneath or books with a nice spine, that gives movement by removing regularity from the bookshelf and enhances the objects that we place on improvised bases.

With Loli we think of 5 tips that summarize how well Dulce and Ana explained to us!

  1. Show collections
  2. Group by color
  3. Incorporate art objects
  4. Place books vertically and horizontally
  5. Incorporate some natural object

Thanks Ana and Dulce for their great tips! We already put it into practice! We hope you enjoyed it and set out to decorate your shelves and libraries! We meet next Monday!

Ana Herrero

Sweet Cattaneo