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Shopping House

Shopping House

Oh Deco! Open House

Photo Oh Deco
Hello, today we present you Oh Deco! Open House An endeavor of two friends, Sol yLoly.
It's a great place with many divine things! But it is also a beautiful story that speaks of dreams, friendship and strength. Sol tells us how they started this business, which initially were design fairs.

" I want to tell you a little about our history so they can see that they can all fulfill their dreams. It all started by chance, it came from being at rest for a month and a half, I was hospitalized, very badly. I had never done a day of rest in my life !!!! And suddenly I met a thousand friends and people taking care of me! I could not stand resting anymore when I met Loli, my mom, a friend and above all a mine I had always admired. She, newly separated, putting on her talon as always. And it occurred to me to say, let's make a fair, but it has to be in a week because if I do not regret it! And so it was the first fair, a success and then we followed and we took our cup. We both went ahead, as women because we do not give up, we can always and always keep going forward. "

Photo Oh Deco
TABLE RATONA LONJA - 2 inches (5cm). Material: Elm or Cypress

1,20x0,50m/0,60 | $ 5900

1.60X0.50/0.60m | $ 7350

2x0,50/0,60m | $ 8800

BANCO MUELITA. Material: Alamo

27x45cm | $ 1200

27x60 cm | $ 1450

Oh Deco photo
Custom chairs. The ones in the photo 3 meters x 90 $ 25,000 more than $ 5000 approx.
2.60 x 90 $ 23,000 more funda.

Photo Oh Deco
MESITA RODAJA. Material: Cypress
50 x 50cm | $ 2500

SILLON GERVASONI.Material: hand painted canvas

Measures: 45x45cm | $ 460

(ask for other measures)

Wooden boxes
40x40x20 $ 390

Photo Oh Deco

Ratan Screens $ 1100

Leather rug $ 1800 m2

Photo Oh Deco

Photo Oh Deco
Hammock $ 2300

I want to buy everythingoooo !!!! I imagine that it does not stop to sigh, no? The girls are super friendly and have an exquisite taste that is reflected in all these beauties! If you want to see more go through your Instagramaqui. InFacebook they find them asOpenHouse Deco.

We meet again next Monday!