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Pennant Tutorial

Pennant Tutorial

Hello !! I'm Loli and for today I have an easy tutorial, cute and very canchero. Let's make a pennant for the boys' room.
I recommend you read the whole tutorial before you start. The pennant can be made as much as you want, I give the example that I used to make it look like the one in the photo.

We will need:

  • Fabric, two pieces of 35x40 cm. I used cotton canvas that is good, nice and cheap.
  • Wood or metal rod 35 cm long. They sell finite rods in the wood type La Viruta or artistic. I used a finite metal stick that was from a kid's barrel that broke.
  • Square of contact of 35x35 approx.
  • Scissor or at best, a cutting machine such as the Brother Scan'n Cut
  • Brush and paint for fabric color of choice

To start we will iron both rectangles as shown in the image, forming a fold of 1 centimeter on each side (leaving a width of 33 cm) another 2 cm on the top margin. Then we measure and mark half on the lower end with a pin, we also mark on both sides, 14 cm measuring from the bottom margin upwards is it understood? We bend as seen in the top photo and iron. We cut the excess cloth.

We will look like the top photo.
Once we have both pieces of canvas cut, bent and pressed, we have to choose the drawing, word or phrase we want to stamp. If we do not have a cutting machine like the ScannCut, we will have to choose something simple to cut with scissors. We can do it ourselves or look for something that we like on the internet. In both cases I recommend printing it beforehand, or if you are encouraged, do it "hand-raised" in another paper before doing it in the contact. Once it is ready, pass the design and trim carefully. We will have a kind of "adhesive stencil". We stick it on what will be the front of our flag, with special care that there is no air bubble or place where the paint could leak and ruin our design.

We let the paint dry and when we are sure it dried, we removed the contact carefully.
We will have something like that (both sides of the back).

We join the two parties so that the "rights" stay out and "setbacks" (?) touch each other. We sew all the outline. We can also do it by hand or paste it, they have no excuse! The upper end we make a fold back so that we can pass our rod or stick.