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TUTORIAL: Garland of kermesse lights

TUTORIAL: Kermesse light garland

Hello! ! Do you remember this post from the Christmas table? Well, there we had promised the tutorial to make a garland of lights like the one in our photos. So what is promised is debt, here it is!

First of all, clarify that we must be very careful with everything related to electricity. Always take all the necessary precautions to work safely. For example, do not plug anything barefoot or wet, do not touch bare wires, that the electrical installation where we are going to plug our garland complies with all the safety rules (example diyuntor, etc).

That said, we go to tutorial


  • Workshop cable , amount necessary according to where we plan to hang our garland. To the desired length add the distance from the plug we plan to use to where we want our garland to start
  • Insulating tape
  • Pliers
  • Wire stripper (not essential, I did not know they existed and I did not use it until the end of the garland but it changed my life, literally haha ​​
  • Lampholder and drop-lights (they can be transparent or colored) *
  • Male plug

* To calculate the number of bulbs and lampholders, we will calculate how far we want them to be located. 50 centimeters, but that depends on each one.

1 and 2. We opened our plug just like we did in this tutorial.
3. We peel one end of the cable.

4. We place the ends of the stripped wires and adjust, as seen in the image.
5. We close our plug again. There should not be any part of the bare wire on the outside of the plug.

6 and 7. We are going to strip the cable (the black part) to leave the cable blue/light blue and brown exposed.
8. We keep peeling until we are as in the image number 8.
9. Then we will peel the colored wires (as seen in the photo). At this time it is very useful to use the wire stripper.

10. We take the lamp holder and peel both ends of its cables. The lampholder of the photo had a blue cable and the other brown, but then I got others with the black cables that were better (speaking of purely aesthetic purposes.
11. We screw one cable of the lamp holder in the blue cable and the other in the brown.
12. We cover completely, each one separately, with insulating tape.
13. Finally we cover everything with insulating tape.

Repeat with all the lampholders.

That's right Everything! Is not it nice?Do not forget to use the hashtag #tutorialdoscasas if they do !!
Until next Monday!