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Photo; Happy Store Linea Antonio story, did it among Poppies for Happy Store

Hello! How are you? Today we go shopping with Happy Holidays!
Vicky Fernandez, one of its creators, tells us how that name came about "E n at first we thought that we would only have fairs in our city, Mar del Plata, which is called the Happy City, added to what Marie Kondo teaches, that you just have to keep the objects that make us happy ', Helped us define our choice ".

Photo: Bread crumb
Reno Gabriel, from Miga de Pan $ 450

Surely many of you know Vicky on her Instagram account . There he presents himself as a tireless seeker of beautiful things! And of course he finds them! Luckily for us it turned them into a Virtual Store.

Photo: Sabrina de L'atelier Sucré

Vase Osvaldo $ 1050. The Osvaldo line was created by Miga de Pan for Stu.
Amooo to Osvaldo!" These are things that we like and would have in our homes, this is something commercial but also partly a luxury that we give ourselves, it is a'job 'that gives us pleasure and therefore we do not sell anything that we would not have. for our daily life. "
Did you like our walk through this lovely online store? We look forward to seeing you next with our House Crashing section!