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Style Tips

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Today we have two luxury guests who came to share their best style tips to always be divine! We leave them with them who are two geniuses and super fashion experts! Nati Zubeldia and Jana

Hello everyone! I'm Nati Zubeldia. I worked as a fashion producer for many years for different media such as LUZ magazine, Hola, El Planeta Urbano, Gente and many more. I gave fashion production classes and advised several celebrities in their looks. Now I am more dedicated to work on my blog ( and my social networks. I love deco and that's why I love this blog, so in my daily Instagram photos you will also find lots of tableware and tables!

The idea of ​​this post is to give you brief tips on different topics related to image counseling. Where do we start when we talk about image counseling? We start at the beginning ... And what is the principle?
According to my point of view, recognizing our body shape is the principle to enhance our image. And second and very important, accept what nature gave us with our defects and virtues. Look in the mirror in your underwear, it is very easy to discover what shape we have. Once we understand it ... love and love us like that.

There are five forms of body and I show them in the following image:


The "supposed" perfect body is the one that resembles an hourglass and has nothing to do with being ultra thin. It has to do with equal proportions of hips and shoulders, more defined waist.
For example, the actress Scarlett Johansen has this body shape and is super-pulpy. These body types have almost everything allowed ... almost all forms of garments are super good.


Women with the same proportion of hips and shoulders but no waist. So in this case, we can always mark the waist in different ways, or we put on a belt/sash (always in a subtle way) to create waist; or we can use two colors, one on the top and one on the bottom to differentiate and accentuate the waist.
Cameron Diaz has this type of body and if you look for pictures of her, you can see how well advised she is and how she takes advantage of belts!


Yes, the Latin body par excellence like Jennifer Lopez! Women with hips larger than the proportion of the shoulders. That is to say, that at the time of dressing we must try to use clearer garments at the top (to visually enlarge) and darker garments at the bottom, which will help us to disguise the "big tail and hips" "They develop a large back in proportion to their hips. Then, on the contrary of the triangle/pear figure, they have to wear dark garments on the top and light garments on the bottom to try to match this disproportion. Examples to look and analyze if you are of the type that has this type of body: Madonna, Princess Charlene de Monaco and Demi Moore. Let's see how in this example, Charlene hides her shoulders in a high fashion dress with a shawl of soft and ethereal fabric (no ruffles) and a dark brown.


They also call it an apple-shaped body and it's nothing other than women with small bellies. Not to despair women, there are also tricks for you that are going to help disguise those parts that we do not want anyone to see (nor do we ourselves!) Point one, always the dark colors will stylize you more. It does not mean that you are always dressed in black, if you opt for colors, personally for this type of body, I like it to be on top. Why? Because in general these women have super cute necklines and lolas ... so to show them! If we choose a red color for example, we put on a skirt or black pants. Choose clothes of good fabrics and quality, that contain but do not adjust too much. The V hide is ideal, because their geometric shape will stylize even more. Examples of following to be super well dressed: Queen Latifah, singer and American actress, wears her body shape with elegance and style!

That It was all for today friends, I hope you liked it, and above all that they put it into practice. Loving and accepting is the first step to be seen well. It is a matter of analysis and training, to see that it fits you well and that the trend serves you. Do not wear clothes or colors just because it is used! Follow your style and personality adapting the trend!

Nati Zubeldia

Hello! I'm Jana from (@janajanitablog in the networks) and I'm very happy about this today in the blog of Loli and Carina. For those who do not know me, I am a designer and I write about fashion, deco and lifestyle. In this post I am going to tell you my SS17 season trends, and how to combine them with the opposites for a more canchero look.
What is this about? To use a garment of one style and mix it with another completely opposite, for example sports/formal, basic/recharged, female/male, etc.


Lace and broderie garments have great prominence this summer. In dresses, tops, skirts, pants, overalls, etc., mostly in white and pastel. This trend is extremely feminine and delicate.

To this blouse with high neck and bell sleeves, the I wore a boyfriend jean, male and quite broken.


This trend is already in itself opposite, since it combines clothing and sports.But they are so beautiful! The upper garments in lightweight fabrics and with much fall, will be seen in the middle season.
It is feminine and elegant, and I combined it with a jean with fringes, which is also a trend this summer!


I love it! They can be the two shoulders to the air or only one, to discover them only a little or to lower the blouse until the edge of the bust. In light and feminine genres such as bambulas or broderies, as well as batistas and lined shirts, I guarantee that this summer we will have an invasion of these garments!
As it is clearly feminine, I combined it with a male-inspired tailored cut trousers.

I hope you enjoyed it and are encouraged to try and mix the garments of your wardrobe to get looks cancherísimos!

Instagram: @janajanitablog

They took note? We super tasted all the advice of these two geniuses! Thanks Nati and Jana !!! We are next Monday with a tutorial to start the spring with everything!