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Dreamcatcher Tutorial

Dreamcatcher Tutorial

Hello! Today's tutorial is brought by FRESCO girls. If you still do not know them, you can read this post where we tell you a little about them.

We love the "dream catchers" for that reason when we saw that they offered some divine, as one of the many possibilities of "souvenirs" that at the same time serve as an activity for the girls to have fun in their pajamas, right away We asked them if they could prepare a tutorial for Dos Casas. Obviously, since they are so cool, they immediately told us that yes!


  • Wicker ring (available in different sizes in the port of There are also some haberdasheries)
  • Crochet round crochet of size according to our ring (a little smaller)
  • Yarn or wool
  • fabric, lace, lace, etc.

If you can not get wicker rings, you can also use rims that are made of MDF and can be painted or lined with thread/wool
Step by step does not require much explanation.

  • We start by binding one end of our thread so that we attach the crochet folder to the wicker ring.
  • Then we will go winding the thread along the entire contour, going through the folder to fix it to our hoop.
  • When we reach the end we tie with knot and cut the thread surplus.
  • Finally, we tie the pieces of fabric and lace as seen in the image below.
  • Tie a thread to hang our dream catcher. It can be the same color as the other thread or in a contrasting color.

That's it! Is not it easy and cute?
A thousand thanks girls for sharing this tutorial with us!
You can see this and a thousand more proposals that FRESCO has to celebrate unforgettable moments!

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Until Monday!