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A story kitchen

A story kitchen

Hello! How are you? You know I love the kitchens and I love other people's chusmearcasas! This section of the blog is one of my favorites!
The kitchen that we choose today is absolutely original and realized in its entirety by its owners.
Mariana is Lic. in Sistemas y Geno Graphic Designer and entrepreneur.Fanáticos de salir de hunting furniture and objects "with soul" as they read. Some recycle them, others restore them and there are also those who remain with their stories in tow. Today we are going to show you their beautiful cottage style kitchen.

As you can see, this is the first time that we show you a kitchen with a dishwasher, because we consider it a very unsightly object, but this one won us for its originality. It is an old drawer of yogurt La Serenisima.

The dish is another piece of furniture that can not be missed a kitchen of this style and it is also an intervention, since it arose from an old rack, to which they added a bottom and the wooden rods to keep the dishes arranged vertically.

Underneath, we see a small green piece of water with a thick green and tanned marble from Carrara. He also came from the house of Geno's grandmother, and continues to fulfill his role as "botellero". On top of this is a divine can of Bagley biscuits that is used as a container for coffee capsules. Love!

Yes, I know, all of us pining with this guardian dishes!Its brand is Chambers, of US origin and dating from the late 40's.
Unfortunately, its status was not the best and they were only able to rescue the enlozadospanels and their structure, so that to be functional leadaptaron a cooktop of 90cm and its interior was destined for the storage of pots and pans.

The oven was missing and they solved it by placing an electric one, but since it was too modern, they framed it in a blue celestial piece of furniture made from a mix of discarded woods from the work of the house, old door shutters and an old table top.

The furniture that contains the blender and the balance, Mariana and Geno, they call it "the Donatto counter", and that it was born from An old comfortable chest to which the drawers were ditched and an old marble counter was added from Carrararescatada street.

The table is also the creation of the children and started from a styloprovenzal base also "surgjeada" from the street to which Geno adapted a roofed from some old shutter doors pinotea centenaria. Lassillas Windsor, inherited from the paternal grandmother, end up giving the touch of warmth that is breathed in this home.

The clocks that we see above the opening through which we access the living-dining room, are made by Geno.

A chapter apart deserves the furniture of the sink . They tell me that it was bought in a purchase-sale of old furniture being a vajillero of a frightful reddish brown color !. They removed the first drawer and adapted a Ferrum Country pool. They painted it in antique white color and laminated the lamesada to protect it from water. The result is in sight, wonderful!

The floor is in tune, a classic granite checkerboard. It is impossible to describe all the details, because it overflows them and is one more beautiful than the other. I hope you have enjoyed this super original kitchen of Mariana yGeno.

If you want to see more, you can go through your Instagram: @ mariana.caratti and@bigboys.bigtoys On Facebook they find them like Big Boys Big Toys, where among other things they can see some divine wall clocks that they make. Do not miss visiting them because it's worth it!