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Tutorial: Wall pendant lamp

Tutorial: Wall pendant lamp

pendant lamp tutorial

Hello! I'm Loli and today I bring you a tutorial super easy and that is divine !!. We are going to make a pendant lamp with woven cable (like those of the plates).
Are we going to the tutorial?

1. Materials:
  • Balloon lamp (in the photo of materials there is an opal and finally we use a transparent vintage type with filaments)
  • Colored fabric cable to choice (I bought it by ML to $ 35 per meter, have many colors)
  • Insulating tape and pliers
  • Male plug
  • Lampholder
  • L wooden

2. As a first step we are going to peel one end of the cable.
3. We remove the screw to the enfuche and we open it.
4. We present the cables in the socket as shown in the picture.

lamp diy

1. Let's loosen the two screws inside the plug and pass the ends of the stripped wires through the space between the screw and the nut. In this case it is indistinct which cable goes in which screw. Then we adjust the screws again so that the cables are locked in place.
2. Then we fix the cable (where the woven end begins) to the plug so that it does not move. We close the plug again.
3. Disarm our lamp holder.
4. Again we are going to loosen the screws of the lamp holder to pass the stripped wires from the other end of our cable through the hole seen in the image.

tutorial lamp step by step

1. We strip the cables from the opposite end to the plug.
2. We place the stripped wires in the holes that were left after loosening the screws. Let's adjust again.
3. If we are going to use a wooden L to hang our lamp, BEFORE STEP 2 we will pass the end of the cable through the top hole of our wooden L. If you do not have it, we do it with a drill. In my case I used the drill to enlarge the existing hole since it was too small for my cable.
4. Adhere the L to the wall, assemble the lamp holder and screw our lamp.

pendant lamp diy instructions

Ready !!!. It looks divine! If we do not get an L of wood can also hang on a hook on the wall and is perfect too.
To mine I did not put the key to turn on and off to not complicate the tutorial but it is very simple to do. We could also hang it as a ceiling light that stays divine.

wall lamp tutorial

 wall lamp tutorial

We hope you liked the tutorial and that you are encouraged to do it .