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10 Insta "stars" 10 tips to improve your photos

10 Insta "stars" 10 tips to improve your photos

10 Insta "stars" 10 tips to improve your photos

Hello! I do not know about you but we love Instagram! That's why we decided to ask 10 "Instastars" (is there a word? If not, Real Academia Española take note haha) to tell us their tips to take such beautiful pictures. And you know what? They took and besides a tip, they sent us their photos !! Is not it great? So take note!

@ la_lolaperez:

"Before making the click I always imagine a story and that leads me to choose a cup with flowers, a book with worn pages or with a new smell, it does not matter that whoever sees it even remotely perceives" my story "or arme It's the same thing that happens to me when I take street and instant photos: to a simple door or a plaza bank I try to give it a sense, to find a round. definitive, which is a way of uniting my passions: reading, writing and taking photos. "

10 Insta "stars" 10 tips to improve your photos
Photo: @ la_lolaperez

@d olores_mendilaharzu :

"My advice or tip is that they take many photos. If what they are doing is taking a picture of something "still", still life type or food, what I do is look through the viewfinder of the camera or the screen of the cell and go playing ... sack, put, I move, I put back, I walk around the table ... until I am satisfied with the result. When it's another type of photo: urban, landscape, etc, I'm moving ... I bend down, I go to one side, to the other ... I take it from several angles and then I stay with the one I like the most. If they saw my cell phone, or the memory of my camera, they would see that, for every picture I upload to my GI I have at least 10 discarded. "

10 Insta "stars" 10 tips to improve your photos
Photo @dolores_mendilaharzu


"How difficult it is to give photography tips!
The technical questions I leave to the experts, framing, lighting, editing, etc.
For me, the most important thing is to find your own style, find what you like to photograph, or how to put together the compositions, or the colors that identify you and on that basis work each photo. It's good to look a lot and see what things you like and what things are not, but at the same time it's important not to copy anyone.
On the other hand, you have to know that there are times when photos come out so easy without "arming" anything and there are others in which you have to take a while, arrange things, see the light, the background, the composition, etc.It has good light (fundamental for any photo) and in the background is my red and blue vajillero that I adore and how much luck it brought to I am a Mix!
My Instagram account is a compilation of photos of all the days. While I love accounts in which all the photos are armed with time and dedication (in my account there are those photos too!), I choose to mix them with daily, daily, fresh and spontaneous photos. I like to see my feed
and make it a kind of life journal in images. Remembering trips, moments, situations ...
As for a tip: The most important is GOOD LIGHT! It is most important for a photo. Try to take photos with natural light. "

10 Insta "stars" 10 tips to improve your photos
Photo: @soyunmix

@ aniclement:

"To take a photo and publish it, I rely on two fundamental things: natural light and color. As at home sometimes natural light is difficult to achieve, I help with a white card to give more light. I love to show colorful and cheerful photos because in addition to being cute they draw attention to any eye. "

10 Insta "stars" 10 tips to improve your photos
Photo: @ aniclement


"My advice is: Play! Divertite and train your eyes to get the best picture of those things that you like in real life, even if they look like a dunce (I am the queen of taking pictures of lol!) Hahaha. The important thing is that you move, that will ensure a nice picture.
I'm also very pro to take pictures with natural light, so I always recommend that they are near a window or take care how the light Take the object, corner or moment. And I'm also going through a more "natural" stage on Instagram, so many times I upload photos without a filter or with a little more added brightness in the Instagram editor.And I love that it seems that in that place we are alone. Nobody but us!

So first I look for: NOT to leave things that are out of tune and can distract or disfigure the photo, like a cable of light, a trash can trash, an advertising poster, for example, so that the photo is as clean as possible.
But the most important thing is that other people do not come out! And the beach, the field or the park say, it seems desert and that is only for us! That is what i like the most! For that you have to work a little. It's a question of patience: if the photo is on the beach, like this one, waiting for people not to be around, sometimes takes a while. Let no other people see you from afar! (Yes, it is true that sometimes you can not!) But with patience and a good framing can be achieved!

Light is also very important. Wait for "the magic hour" (there is an app that tells you the best time for the photos!) So that the light is the best. Outdoor photos, with full sun, are not ideal. They are much more appreciated at dusk or with cloudy days, so they do not burn with too much light like in the morning or at noon.

In this photo I had to wait for the wave to come, so that the rock seems submerged, and not on the shore as it really was. Beside there was a fisherman, I juggled so he would not leave! Also many people walked by there. It's a super busy beach! I waited a bit until a pothole was made and everything was at once: no pedestrians, the wave, the fisherman runs and my son does not kill!
I think I did it! "

10 Insta "stars" 10 tips to improve your photos
Photo: @julibong


"Always always natural light! Unless it's worth it, I do not usually take pictures at night because I hate the flash.
Define what we want to see and show in our feed and what not. Mine is quite varied but for example, there are usually no selfies, no photos of my family/friends - only Olivia our dog canary :)

Do not abuse the filters! - The photos I take with the cell I edit in VSCO, if I upload any of the blog that I usually take with a camera, they are already edited so I do not add any filters. Like a lot more light. "

10 Insta "stars" 10 tips to improve your photos
Photo: @veropalazzo

@ don.terrenal:

"Tips ... mhh
- Ball the textures of things
- Look at through the camera to assemble the frame. For that reason the setting is divine, but through the lens the apple looks bigger than the plate and it is very rare.
- Eye with the filters! They are piolas but they are fun and one ends up spoiling. If you see that the image is getting a bit messy, discard it, upload it again, and MEDITE jaj
- Try to make the play very clear, but also some shadows. Look for those contrasts in general: if there is a lot of rustic texture, put something delicate; if there is a lot of cold tone, put something warm; If there is a lot of neatness, undo a piece.It is not necessary to show tooodo the garden to communicate that it is green and refreshing; There is no need to show each plate full to communicate that the dinner was super nice. Choose details and metaphors that leave room for the imagination.
- An instagram moment IS NOT A KODAK MOMENT! Beautiful and super important images of real life may not be interesting to anyone but one. Avoid social, group, family photos, selfies ... that's what Facebook is for.
- Do not forget the captions/text. While Instagram is 99.9% visual, we can always add a twist to it with a few words (brief, for the rest are blogs jaj) "

10 Insta "stars" 10 tips to improve your photos
Photo @donterrenal

What do you think? We take note and take nice photos! Thank you all for participating in this post , and we have many other accounts that we love and admire, so this note will have a second part.

We'll see you next Monday with our House Crashing section!