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Tutorial: Stamped Replacer

Tutorial: Stamped Replacer

repasador diy

Hello! I'm Loli and for today I have a great tutorial. But first we wanted to thank you, for all the comments and beautiful wishes that you left us on the blog, Facebook and Instagram. We are super happy!

And now, let's go to the tutorial!
We will "intervene" a repasador, those of the guard French type. I thought it was a good idea to make a gift for these holidays.
We need:

  • Repasador. I bought it in Sodimac for less than $ 40 but in Mercado Libre they sell it in quantities of $ 12 each.
  • Paint for fabric and brush.
  • Cotton thread, crochet needle and wool needle.
  • Figure cut in laser, a hard surface to adhere our figure and glue *
* The figures are made in MDF and sold in the artistic . There are millions of figures to choose from. Before we start we will stick our figure on a hard surface, such as a leftover MDF like you used to.

diy repasador

As a first step (with our ironing machine already ironed) we are going to paint our figure with fabric paint to use it as a stamp. We apply enough paint so that the design is transferred well but not so much so that the drawing is not well understood or we get a goop or a stain.

tutorial repasador

We will be as in the photo above. Let the paint dry.
The second step will be to embroider the entire lower edge with "festoon" or "eyelet" also known as "blanket stitch". To know how to do it, you can watch this video. The number of "spaces" or "squares" must be multiple of 2 (in my case I had 24 spaces).

Tutorial: Stamped Replacer

The third and last step is to finish the crochet lace. The first round is in low point (single crochet or sc). We are going to make 3 low points in each space. It will be like the bottom photo.

Tutorial: Stamped Replacer

In the second and last round we will start with a chain, a low point in the first low point of the previous round, we will skip two points of the first round, 5 high points or varetas (double crochet or dc) all in the same point of the previous round. We sauté 2 points again, a low point in the next point, we jump 2 points, we weave 5 high points or varetas in the same point, to skip 2 points, a low point in the next point and so on until we reach the end.
When we reach the end we tie a knot and leave several centimeters of thread and then thread it into the needle and hide it in the lace we wove.

Tutorial: Stamped Replacer

That's it! I hope you liked it and that you do!See you next Monday with a new post !!